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Jobs in Education stands as a premier platform for those seeking the latest teaching jobs and institutions offering the latest teaching vacancies in India. Born from a real need to streamline the recruitment process, our platform provides a tailored experience for both job seekers and employers in the educational sector.

For educators, our portal is a treasure trove of the latest job opportunities for teachers. Whether you‘re a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, you will find a variety of roles that cater to your specialization and career aspirations. Our extensive database ensures that you have access to the latest teaching vacancies, making your job search efficient and targeted.

Conversely, educational institutes benefit from our dedicated services by finding qualified and passionate educators. With our focus on the latest job for teacher recruitment, we offer a streamlined and effective way for institutions to connect with ideal candidates. This synergy enhances the educational landscape by matching top talent with suitable roles, fostering growth and excellence in the education sector.

What we are doing

A real life need led to the inception of Jobs in Education. The thought of a portal for teaching and non-teaching jobs in India came after experiencing challenges of finding relevant candidates for all the teaching and non-teaching roles in the education sector. All education institutes are always in the process of hiring teachers to meet their ever growing needs. With the job seekers in the education sector getting lost in the generic job market, we thought of bringing a comprehensive portal for teaching and non-teaching jobs in India to them.

Envisioned and actualised by Mr Shivam Agarwal, with the support of a highly experienced team, the Kolkata based startup was created to simplify the end to end recruitment process for the education sector in India. 18 years of industry experience, led us towards a simplified solution of recruitment through an integrated recruitment platform that collaborates to offer the best teaching jobs and non-teaching jobs.

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About Jobs in Education
  • Free JIE profile creationFree JIE profile creation.
  • Buckets for saved jobs, applied jobs, invited jobsBuckets for saved jobs, applied jobs, invited jobs and jobs for which candidates are under process.
  • Create multiple job preferencesCreate multiple job preferences and get relevant job suggestions.
  • Search for jobsSearch for jobs using the preferences or any job title.
  •  Receive offer lettersReceive offer letters directly on the JIE portal from the employers.
  • Account for multiple institutesOne account for multiple institutes under the same group.
  • Post jobs and receive applicationsPost jobs and receive applications directly from the candidates.
  • Free SubscriptionNo yearly subscription, pay as per the usage.

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