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Business Development Associate (Job Vacancy)

Byjus The Learning App


0 Year Min.
8.0 LPA Max.
Immediate Joining
20 Vacancies
9 Applicants | Posted 2 Weeks ago

Job Description

Job Description


We take pride in letting you know that you are interviewing with the world's largest Edtech Company
and the reason for our exceptional growth lies in the DNA that we have. A true Byjuite defines
his/her own limits in terms of efforts and rewards. There is no bar on the amount of incentive you
can earn. Average incentive earned by a BDA in the system is around 30k monthly but our best
associates make even 70-80k of incentive every month apart from their fixed salary. On an average,
a performing associate gets his 1st opportunity in 1.5-2 years to become a manager and head a
team of 20 people. And we have seen the best of the associates can even become a manager even
before completing a year.
If you are selected to join us as an applicant trainee please find below the expectations from our
ATP is an Applicant Training Program where selected applicants will be a part of a 6 weeks training
program and on successful completion of this training program, applicants will be given an
opportunity to join us as a Business Development Associate with BYJUs.

Skills Required
Sales OE Sales StrategyProduct Knowledge
Type Of Institution EdTech
Type of EdTechOnline Teaching
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