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Manager - School Team (Sales & Customer Success) in Hyderabad (Job Vacancy)

Benesse India Pvt Ltd



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Job Description

Benesse India Pvt Ltd.

About Benesse:

Benesse is the number 1 company of Japan and the 4th largest in the world (https://www.benesse- We are operating in Japan for the last 65+ years. Off late we have broadened our portfolio to cover child care and elderly nursing care; but a dominant part of our business still is in the core education space- pre-K, K12, higher education, professional courses. Other than Japan, we are present in seven countries mostly in South East Asia and China. We offer comprehensive services and solutions (both analog and EdTech) to schools (B2B2C) and students (B2C) directly (after school tutoring, subscription courses, English language assessment, entrance exam preparation etc.) to enhance their academic performance and help them enter into top tier universities.

Benesse in India:

Benesse has an aspiration to positively impact education space in India, creating and contributing towards its evolution to support the dreams of the “next gen”. We already have multiple offering running in various schools and have started setting up in different states of India. In the current year AY 2024-2025 now, we are expanding the scope of our offering, increasing our coverage of schools, building our India Team and developing our ed tech and other products (in B2B, B2B2C & B2C) and offering further. Alongside, we will be working on identifying other opportunities of growth and partnerships in the country.

Designation: Manager/Sr. Manager– Client Development & Engagement

Location: Hyderabad

Role: Contractual (Since it a new setup we all are on contract and gradually be taken on the rolls of the company)


We are looking for a high performing professional to work with us in both ‘client development’ and ‘client success’ role. The dual role requires the professional to successfully develop a schools’ client pipeline for the next academic year and beyond and ensuring success of the schools through the partnership with us.

Client Building:

  • Establish relationship with the relevant CBSE (other Board schools, as required) private schools as Benesse clients in respective location.
  • Working with the management, principals, teachers, students and parents in the partner schools and channel partners (as required); to develop a top tier school pipeline for the upcoming AY and beyond.
  • Existing networks at the senior management level with top tier CBSE school chains or relevant skills and experiences to develop such networks would be critical.
  • Strong client and people first mindset, willingness and excitement to build and grow with the team would be extremely helpful traits

Client Engagement (Customer Service):

  • Lead the school-servicing efforts for AY 2024-25.
  • The candidate shall be responsible for ensuring that the desired performance improvement is achieved in her/his portfolio of schools.
  • Ensuring quality of service, and consequently high degree of customer satisfaction (NPS score of 9 and above) with Benesse’s products and services
  • Plan for periodic meetings with the different stakeholders in the school, identifying the KDMs and ensuring proper translation of Benesse's core objective of the program to the different stakeholders
  • Working in close partnership with the school and conducting various awareness, orientation and operations sessions in the school with the teachers, students and parents.
  • Ensure smooth operations in conducting in-school interventions like assessments, and workshops
  • Simultaneously, the candidate is also expected to leverage his/her relationship with the schools in his/her portfolio to ensure retention for the next AY. (Up-sell and cross-sell other Benesse products or services)

Sales Strategy:

  • Working closely with reporting manager to develop territory wise strategy in its early stages.
  • Strategic sales plans as per the target audience and market penetration.
  • Strategic sales plans to achieve company objectives and revenue targets.

Developments and enhancements:

  • Ensuring we achieve superior customer satisfaction with our products and offerings roll-out. by analyzing market trends competitor activities, and customer feedback to identify opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • Stay abreast of industry developments, best practices, and emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance sales processes, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Represent the company at industry events, conferences, and networking opportunities to promote our products/services and expand our market presence.


  • We are looking for a professional who has a passion and excitement for education transformation.
  • 8-10 years of relevant mid management professional experience either in consultative selling with a leading B2B education/B2B2C education company.
  • Experience of client development & engagement for “concepts” (as opposed to just “products”).

Timelines: We are expecting team members to join from June 2024.

Regards, Sushma

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