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Mathematics Specialist in Devanhalli (Job Vacancy)

Harrow International School Bengaluru


Mid-Senior level

Not Disclosed


1 Vacancies

25 Applicants|Posted 13 Day(s) ago

Job Description

Purpose of Job

Subject teachers are responsible for maximizing the academic progress of the students they teach, working with colleagues to participate fully in the development of the department. Subject teachers promote a positive, purposeful and professional working atmosphere that encourages cooperation and challenge, whilst valuing the contribution that individuals make to the success of the department.

Duties and Responsibilities

Overall Responsibilities

  • Encourage high standards in all aspects of school life, particularly in student progress
  • Contribute to the effective and efficient running of the school
  • Promote a school culture which is positive, purposeful and professional
  • Support and motivate students, teachers and other school employees
  • Encourage consultation, review and improvement

Teaching and Learning Responsibilities

  • Plan and prepare well-structured, clearly presented lessons appropriate to the abilities of all students and the syllabus being taught
  • Make sure that the classroom is a stimulating environment that facilitates learning
  • Generate enthusiasm for the subject being taught and inspire all students to work to their potential
  • Liaise with the Head of Faculty and Learning Support where a student may have special educational needs and with the form tutor and Head of House if a student is experiencing pastoral difficulties
  • Promote high standards of behaviour by encouraging a positive, proactive approach to study and build productive relationships with students
  • Set homework according to policy and pertinent to the student’s ability and wider workload
  • Promote high standards of organisation
  • Be punctual to lessons
  • Promote high standards in the use of English as the common language and help develop English for Academic Progress
  • Provide high-quality, accurate, constructive and targeted information to parents at Parents' Evenings, in subject reports, incidental meetings and communications
  • Assess, record and monitor the progress of all students according to faculty guidelines in order to provide accurate information to parents in a variety of forms, as and when necessary
  • Maintain materials and resources as needed

Responsibilities to the Department and School

  • Be respectful of the needs of colleagues and the department with regards to cooperation, collegiality, deadlines and team cohesion
  • Participate positively in departmental meetings, follow policies and generally contributing to the effective and efficient running of the department
  • Promote professional dialogue, share ideas about teaching and learning and support other teachers in developing good practice and new approaches and initiatives
  • Take part in, and contribute to, INSET activities offered in the department and by the school
  • Enthusiastically contribute to cross-curricular links and initiatives, and Leadership in Action activities
  • Be involved in new responsibilities within the department as part of an ongoing process of professional development
  • Keep up to date with developments in the subject, and in education generally

Other Responsibilities

  • Undertake other reasonable duties as requested by the Head of Department, Head of Faculty or members of the Senior Leadership Team and any duties that the Head Master deems necessary for the effective operation of the school


  • Appropriate degree, with UK PGCE, or other teaching qualification giving QTS
  • Minimum three years’ teaching experience
  • Familiarity with the National Curriculum of England (plus IGCSE/GCSE and/or A Levels as appropriate)
  • Passion for teaching and commitment to educating the whole child
  • A high level of professionalism and consideration of the well-being of children
  • Recent and consistent involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Respect for all members of a school community, irrespective of position, gender, age and ethnic background
  • Previous experience working with students for whom English is not their first language
  • A positive and solution-focused attitude to working life
  • A clean enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services check or police check (for applicants who have never worked in UK) and no question regarding suitability to work with children All employees are expected to comply with our School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy


The Mathematics Department at Harrow International School Bangkok is part of the Mathematics and Computing Faculty and extremely well-resourced. All classrooms are fitted with a projector and most with an interactive whiteboard or visualiser. The aim of the department is to make mathematics accessible, enjoyable and stimulating, and to raise the attainment levels of all students. The school has a large number of high achieving mathematicians and the external examination results, which are invariably excellent, reflect this.

Courses and examination boards The following are currently offered:

  • IGCSE Mathematics (CIE)
  • IGCSE Additional Mathematics (CIE)
  • GCSE Statistics (Edexcel)
  • Level 2 Certificate Further Mathematics (AQA)
  • International A Level (IAL) Mathematics (Edexcel) – Pure 1-4, S1 and M1 or D1
  • International A Level (IAL) Further Mathematics (Edexcel) - F1, F2, M2, M3, S2 and S3

In Years 6 to 8, Mathematics is based on a modified English national curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of Harrow Bangkok students. The IGCSE Mathematics course starts for all students in Year 9.

GCSE Statistics is a popular option choice for Year 10 students.

Year 10 accelerated students (Sets 1 and 2) take the IGCSE Mathematics examination early. Set 1 study IGCSE Additional Mathematics in Year 11, whereas Set 2 study AQA Level 2 Certificate Further Mathematics as an additional subject.

Both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are extremely popular choices at A Level. Approximately 85% of the Sixth Form opt to study Mathematics, with around one third of them also studying Further Mathematics.

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