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Storyboard Writer for EdTech (Job Vacancy)

Indian School of Image Management


1 Year Min.
3.5 LPA Max.
Joining in 15 days
2 Vacancies
1 Applicants | Posted 2 Weeks ago

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:


1) Work collaboratively with content writers to develop engaging and effective storyboards that align with learning objectives

2) Develop creative and compelling narratives that enhance the learning experience for students

3) Develop storyboards for a range of educational content types, including eLearning modules, videos, and interactive activities

4) Ensure that all storyboards are accurate, consistent, and adhere to company guidelines and standards

5) Work with the development team to ensure that all storyboards are implemented correctly in the LMS platform

6) Maintaining quality of course content during the entire process from storyboarding to delivery – content writing if required and proofreading
7) Managing and supporting video production process working with internal marketing teams

8) Designing learning activities, assignments, and assessments where relevant

Skills Required
StoryboardingContent CurationContent Management
Type Of Institution EdTech
Type of EdTechJob Oriented Training
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