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Academic Counsellor for Vocational Training Institute in Surat (Job Vacancy)

The SOFT Academy


1 Year Min.

1.8 LPA Max.



Joining in 15 days

5 Vacancies

5 Applicants

Job Description

Student Guidance: Meet with students individually or in groups to assess their educational goals, interests, skills, and aptitudes. Provide guidance and assistance in choosing appropriate courses, majors, or educational programs based on their aspirations and abilities.

Career Counseling: Help students explore various career options and provide information about job prospects, industry trends, and skill requirements. Assist in identifying potential career paths aligned with their interests and strengths.

College/University Selection: Advise students on college or university selection based on their academic performance, personal preferences, financial considerations, and future career goals. Assist with application procedures, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities.

Educational Planning: Develop personalized educational plans for students, considering their long-term goals and academic progress. Monitor their progress, provide academic support, and recommend interventions to help them achieve their educational objectives.

Information Provision: Stay updated on educational programs, courses, and educational institutions. Provide accurate and up-to-date information to students and parents regarding admission requirements, curriculum, accreditation, scholarships, and financial aid options.

Personal Development: Assist students in developing essential life skills, study habits, time management techniques, and effective communication skills. Conduct workshops or seminars on topics such as exam preparation, stress management, and career readiness.

Networking: Build and maintain relationships with educational institutions, employers, industry professionals, and alumni networks to stay informed about the latest trends, opportunities, and resources for students. Collaborate with external stakeholders to arrange guest lectures, internships, or job placements for students.

Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate records of student interactions, academic plans, progress reports, and relevant documentation. Ensure confidentiality and comply with privacy regulations.

Counseling Support: Provide emotional support and guidance to students facing personal or academic challenges. Refer students to appropriate resources, such as mental health services, if necessary.

Skills Required

Business Communication
Convincing skills
Gaining Commitment
Good Personality
Multiple Language
Proper Presentation

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