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Accountant for School in Shillong (Job Vacancy)



5 Years Min.

5.5 LPA Max.



Joining in 30 days

1 Vacancies

22 Applicants

Job Description


Job purpose

The School Accountant is responsible for:

• Organizing and managing school finance in accordance with the ESFA Academies Financial

Handbook, and administering payroll and pension related functions.

• Assisting the Directors, Headteacher and senior leadership team (SLT) in establishing the budget

planning and financial control and procedures through which they shall be achieved, including

development of resource plans as required.

• Advising on compliance with legislation and guidance, for example, HMRC, DFE.

Duties and responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities are indicated below. Other duties of an appropriate level and nature may

also be required, as directed by the Headteacher.

Finance and accounting

S/he shall:

• In consultation with her/his line manager and the headteacher, prepare the school’s annual budget

and review and update as necessary.

• Monitor income and expenditure in relation to the school’s budget, and produce monthly reports

for the Directors, the headteacher, and the Finance Committee.

• Keep all school accounts and prepare income and expenditure reports in accordance with the DFE

financial regulations and shall prepare accounts for submission to the school’s auditors.

• Assist in the preparation for the annual audit, liaising with all parties involved.

• Maintain and oversee all bank accounts, including the school’s debit card(s), completing monthly

reconciliations and reporting banking errors to her/his line manager.

• Ensure that the school’s finance policy is reviewed and updated as necessary and that the school

meets all financial requirements of the ESFA and the DfE.


• Assist in the preparation of accurate VAT accounting and payment so that VAT reclaim returns are

submitted as required.

• Be responsible for all elements of cash handling, including collections and disbursements, banking,

and security, fundraising, and school trips.

• Be responsible for the completion of the school’s payroll, ensuring all forms, including timesheets,

New starter/leaver/variation forms and annual returns are submitted within the required deadlines.

• Monitor the payment of salaries by the school’s payroll provider, liaising with the provider as


• Be responsible for the placement of orders, ensuring they are processed through the school’s

computerized finance and accounting package.

• In conjunction with the nominated staff members, scrutinize and attend to the payment of all

invoices and statements of account.

• Carry out and keep records of analyses of costs and other statistical information.

• Coordinate and maintain a list of approved contractors and suppliers to ensure best value.

• Manage, negotiate, and monitor all contracts, leases, and relationships with external contractors.

• Advise the Board of Directors and its committees as required.


S/he shall:

• Ensure that all the necessary financial data required for payroll, the Teachers’ Pension and Local

Government Pension agencies are submitted.

• Manage staff contracts in accordance with the school’s procedures.


S/he shall:

• Ensure that all administrative duties, checks, documentation, reports and returns (internal and

external) are completed accurately and submitted within the required deadlines.

• Collate information, statistics and prepare reports as required by her/his line manager, the Board

of Directors and Headteacher.

Note: Apply if you have prior experience in School Accounts Handling

Skills Required

Payroll Accounting

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