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Art Teacher in Bengaluru (Job Vacancy)



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Job Description

Art and Design About the Role: As an Art and Design Teacher at our learning centre, you will be the guiding light for students embarking on a journey through the visual arts. Your role is essential in fostering an environment where imagination flourishes, skills are honed, and artistic expressions are celebrated. With your guidance, our centre will be a canvas where students learn to communicate their ideas and emotions through a variety of mediums, crafting pieces that reflect their individuality and creativity. Key Responsibilities:• Instructional Excellence: • Implement a comprehensive art and design curriculum that explores a wide range of mediums, techniques, and historical contexts, suitable for students of all levels of experience. • Offer constructive feedback to students on their artwork, helping them refine their technique and develop their unique artistic voice. • Creative Project Facilitation: • Guide students in the conception and execution of personal and collaborative art projects, from initial idea to final presentation, encouraging creative risk-taking and experimentation. • Organise and oversee art exhibitions and showcases at the centre, providing students with the opportunity to display their work to the community. • Student Engagement & Artistic Development: • Monitor and assess student progress in both technical skills and conceptual understanding, providing tailored support to encourage continuous improvement and confidence in their abilities. • Inspire students to explore a wide spectrum of art forms and design principles, fostering an appreciation for diversity in artistic expression. • Community & Relationship Building: • Create a supportive and inclusive  environment where students feel safe to express themselves and explore their creativity. • Engage with parents, the local arts community, and public institutions to promote the value of art education, encourage collaboration, and highlight student achievements. • Professional Development & Collaboration: • Stay informed about current trends, techniques, and pedagogies in art and design education, integrating fresh ideas and technologies into the program. • Work collaboratively with colleagues and the central Oh team to integrate art across the centre, enhancing the overall educational experience with visual thinking strategies and creative problem-solving. The Ideal Candidate:• Experience: At least two years of experience teaching art and design, with a robust portfolio that demonstrates expertise across a range of mediums and styles. • Expertise: Deep knowledge of art history, design principles, and contemporary art practices, along with proficiency in various artistic techniques and materials. • Communication: Excellent communication skills, with the ability to inspire students and articulate complex artistic concepts in an accessible manner. • Creativity and Innovation: A creative visionary with a passion for innovation, willing to explore new teaching methodologies to enrich the art curriculum and stimulate student creativity.

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