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Assistant / Associate Professor : Communication Design in Delhi (Job Vacancy)

Indian Institute of Art and Design


Mid-Senior level

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25 Applicants|Posted 27 Day(s) ago

Job Description

Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) is seeking qualified candidates for the positions of Assistant/Associate Professors of Graphic Design, Interaction Design, and Animation within the Communication Design department. At IIAD's Communication Design department, we deliver a comprehensive education that embraces the diverse aspects of communication design. Drawing upon a decade of experience in higher education, our team fosters dynamic, interactive, and collaborative learning environments. We emphasize multidisciplinary research, a process-driven approach, and strategic integration of technology to enrich the educational experience. The ideal candidates will possess a deep understanding of industry trends and best practices in teaching and learning. They will play a pivotal role in cultivating the professional expertise of undergraduate Communication Design students. IIAD's program is offered in partnership with Kingston University, UK, ensuring a global perspective and industry relevance. Minimum Qualifications: • bachelor's or postgraduate degree, or equivalent, in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Animation, or Communication Design from a recognized design institution, with specialized expertise in the relevant field. • industry experience of 7 years for Assistant Professors and 10 years for Associate Professors. Candidates with teaching experience will be preferred. For Interaction Design, relevant industry experience in a design role and reputable certifications may be considered in lieu of teaching experience. • in design research, design processes, and practices, demonstrating practical experience within the broader discipline will be an added advantage. We seek individuals who possess: • Portfolio and Industry Knowledge: Domain knowledge supported by professional experience in the relevant industry, along with up-to-date awareness of trends and technology, showcased through a diverse and impactful portfolio, demonstrating proficiency in communication design across various contexts and applications. • of Fundamental Principles and Specialized Expertise: Profound understanding of the fundamental principles of communication design, coupled with expertise in the concepts, processes, methodologies, techniques, and technology specific to their specialized field. • Network and Professional Connections: Well-established network of industry professionals to facilitate student exposure, interactions, live projects, industry visits, internships, and placements. • Communication Skills: Strong communication, presentation, and articulation skills essential for teaching, mentoring, and providing constructive feedback to students. • and Creative Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to instruct students on communication design principles, emphasizing conceptual understanding and hands-on execution, while teaching contemporary research and design processes to foster students' skills in conducting thorough research and implementing structured design methodologies in line with current industry trends. Additionally, the ability to follow and document processes and the documentation of the design process as part of portfolio development to develop reflexivity. • Teaching Approach: Design and deliver studio-based teaching content with a focus on tangible outcomes, aiding students in portfolio building and developing real-world skills. • Ability to Craft Design Briefs: Skill in crafting design briefs tailored for communication design projects, encouraging experimentation, exploration, and versatility in design styles. • Approach and Collaboration: Reflective approach coupled with a willingness to collaborate, receive feedback, and foster a conducive learning environment among colleagues and students. Tech-Orientation: Inclination towards a tech-oriented approach that aligns with current industry trends and practices within the chosen domain of communication design. Role and Responsibilities: As a full-time faculty member of the communication design team at IIAD, your primary role will be to teach specific undergraduate courses aligned with your expertise. • the structured curriculum and project-based course delivery plan by teaching, mentoring, and assessing students to develop reflexive design practitioners prepared for professional practice. • with academic team members to manage course delivery, including developing study materials, planning classroom interactions, providing assignments and project briefs, and offering constructive feedback (written/verbal). • teaching proficiency in both theoretical and practical application areas, independently and collaboratively, through studio-based and workshop-oriented projects. • participate in course monitoring and enhancement activities to enhance student learning experiences continually. • seek professional development opportunities, such as industry projects, research, conferences, seminars, workshops, and certifications, to stay updated with evolving techniques and processes. • industry connections to facilitate student exposure, interactions, internships, and placements. • and support students in participating in competitions to build the imperative to excel. • with admissions, communications, and career services teams to support student enrolments, brand building, and placements through information sharing and interactions. • collaboratively with colleagues, demonstrating teamwork and contributing to the progressive community of practitioners. Overall, we seek individuals committed to continuous learning and development beyond industry standards, eager to share their expertise and knowledge with peers and students. Specialisation 1: Graphic Design | 2 Open Positions 1 Assistant Professor 1 Associate Professor Graphic Design Faculty Position - Skills and Competencies: • in Typography: Demonstrated proficiency in typography principles and application across various design projects. • Development and Visualisation: Ability to conceptualise and develop visually appealing forms that convey messages effectively, coupled with proficiency in teaching visualization techniques to enhance students' abilities in creating compelling visual narratives. • and Visual Identity Design: Demonstrated expertise in creating brand identities that resonate with target audiences across digital and physical platforms, along with proficiency in designing cohesive visual identity systems that ensure brand consistency and recognition. • Design: Experience in creating innovative and functional packaging designs that enhance product appeal and usability. • Design: Ability to effectively communicate complex information through clear and visually engaging designs. • of Marketing Concepts: Bonus proficiency in marketing concepts to align design strategies with business objectives. • in Adobe Creative Suite: Essential practical experience in utilizing Adobe Creative Suite tools for graphic design projects. Specialisation 2: Interaction Design | 2 Open Positions 1 Assistant Professor 1 Associate Professor Interaction Design Faculty Position - Skills and Competencies: • Experience Design: Demonstrated proficiency in creating intuitive and engaging user experiences across digital and physical interfaces. • Interaction Design: Expertise in designing seamless interactions between users and digital products or systems to enhance usability and satisfaction. • Design and Data Visualization: Ability to effectively organize and present complex information through clear and visually engaging designs, including data visualization techniques. • Beyond Digital Products: Knowledge and competency in designing for various platforms beyond digital products, including game design, physical interfaces, and system design will be an advantage. • in Digital Tools: Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite tools and Figma, along with proficiency in other contemporary prototyping software commonly used in the design industry. • of Business Concepts: Bonus proficiency in business concepts and design management to align design strategies with business objectives. Specialisation 3: Animation Film Designer | 1 Open Position 1 Assistant Professor Animation Film Design Faculty Position - Skills and Competencies: • of Animation: In-depth understanding and proficiency in the fundamental principles and techniques of animation, including timing, motion, and character design. • Storytelling: Ability to craft compelling narratives and sequences that effectively convey stories and emotions through animation. • and Mixed Media Animation: Expertise in both traditional 2D animation techniques and contemporary mixed media approaches to animation. • Writing and Storyboarding:Skill in script writing and storyboarding to develop cohesive narratives and visual storytelling sequences for animation projects. • Making: Knowledge and competency in various aspects of filmmaking, including cinematography, editing, and sound design, to enhance the overall quality of animation films. • Graphics: Proficiency in creating dynamic and engaging motion graphics for animation projects, incorporating visual effects and typography. • of Information Design: Understanding of information design principles and techniques to effectively communicate complex concepts and data through animation, providing an added advantage. • in Digital Tools: Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, along with proficiency in other contemporary software commonly used in the animation industry.

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