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Assistant teacher Montessori (Job Vacancy)

Mindful Montessori


1 Year Min.

Not Disclosed



Immediate Joining

3 Vacancies

31 Applicants|Posted 4 Weeks ago

Job Description

We are in search of experienced assistant or co-teacher for Montessori Pre-Primary classroom who are qualified, enthusiastic and nurturing individuals who will be responsible for assisting Montessori lessons with Lead Teacher by using authentic Montessori method of instruction and communication with all students in the respective classrooms.
It’s a great opportunity for teachers with at least 1 year of teaching experience who have a passion for education, an entrepreneurial spirit, a solutions-oriented attitude, and comfort with learning Montessori Philosophy.
Salaries are commensurate based upon experience and will be discussed during the interview process, if selected.
If you think you would be a good fit, send your resume and if you have any questions or want to learn more contact

Skills Required

A Good Self And Team Motivator
Business Communication
Class managemnet
love for children
receptive for training
Type Of Institution
Type of Ownership
parent company
Student Strength

We are an Early Learning Center following AMI Montessori Curriculum 4 months to 6 Years children For most parents, pre-school is merely a safe place where they can leave their young in order to free themselves up for work. For some, perhaps, it is also an opportunity for their child to socialize with other children. While these are good and necessary reasons, we forget that young children are learning from the moment they open their eyes. They are forming personalities and soaking up skills under our very noses. Much of what goes into making the adult persona is built on foundations laid firmly in the early years. Early Learning Centers are not just pre-schools! We provide an environment where children acquire life skills while in the care of well qualified and nurturing teachers.

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