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College Counselor and University Placements in Bengaluru (Job Vacancy)

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Mid-Senior level

18.1 LPA Max.


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35 Applicants|Posted 22 Day(s) ago

Job Description

PURPOSE OF THE JOB: The College Counselor assumes the department's philosophy of a student-driven, best-fit, college counseling department while collaborating with key departments in supporting Grade 9-12 students through career development, college search, and ultimately, the application process. The incumbents work ethic should be consistent with the schools vision, mission, and belief statements and focused on supporting and encouraging students success, with adjustments to boarding school life, and overall wellbeing. This position also has a shared responsibility to facilitate Junior/Senior Seminar college preparation courses and course planning. The College Counselor also works in close collaboration with School Counselors and other members of the School Community to provide comprehensive support and counseling.

Duties And Responsibilities

Individual Student Planning (25%)

  • Preparing Senior School students and their families for course selection, college, career, and the university admissions process
  • Providing individual Personal, Academic, and Career counseling
  • Supporting Head of College and Career Counseling in developing effective, pro-active systems of communication and support with parents and students regarding the college admissions process
  • Interpreting assessments to identify student needs and develop interventions
  • Write counsel or evaluations and letters of recommendation in support of student applications

Responsive Services (25%)

  • Being responsive to student needs, walk-in hours, referrals, and crisis situations
  • Contributing to academic and/or behavioral student monitoring meetings in a supportive, nondisciplinary role
  • Support students through the college application process, inclusive of monitoring applications, reviewing essays and written work, providing comprehensive academic advising, and connecting students with best-fit institutions

Guidance Curriculum (25%)

  • Assist with the development and delivery of the Career Development domain of the PSHE guidance curriculum and Junior/Senior Seminar courses
  • Collaborate with the School Counseling team to develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program
  • Help plan and deliver student transition programming

System Support (25%)

  • Planning, keeping records, and preparing reports for the college counseling office
  • Coordinating college visits
  • Preparing and delivering school forms to colleges
  • Articulating academic policy determined by the Education Team in regard to courses, credits, and graduation requirements
  • Member of various committees within the school and externally to maintain up-to-date knowledge of trends in the higher education system in key countries for the student population
  • Providing consultation and in-service training for Advisors, Faculty, and Residence Staff
  • Advising students on standardized testing: SAT, PSAT, ACT and other external examinations Non-Counseling Duties

Special Notes

  • Although this position is expected to participate actively in life at school, this position may be excused from Activity Week if this time conflicts with essential duties of the position, with prior approval from a supervisor
  • This position may be expected to work past the last faculty workday in the first semester and may be accrued as flextime or compensated by counselor tours the following semester, with approval from the supervisor

Skills And Qualifications Required

  • Minimum of 2 years of focused high school counseling or college admissions experience in CIE or IB School
  • Strong familiarity with North American and/or U.K. admissions counseling
  • Bachelors degree with Certification in College Counselling
  • Fluency and accuracy in written and spoken English
  • Computer skills at a level that permits the creative and effective use of technology in the classroom
  • Proven ability to work effectively in a team, preferably involving both national and international staff

Preferred Qualities And Qualifications

  • MA/MS in psychology, counseling, school counseling
  • Professional licensure/certification
  • International school experience
  • MaiaLearning experience, Managebac and online teaching experience is beneficial Familiarity with higher education in regions such as Europe, Asia, Australia, India, Canada is a strength
  • International experience in a multi-cultural environment
  • Knowledge of ManageBac or any similar Learning Management System
  • A record of successful engagement with students in a distance learning and hybrid learning context. Schools approach is to appropriately use ManageBac, Loom, Padlet, Zoom, Office, GoogleDocs, EdPuzzle,, and AssessPrep

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