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Early Year - G1 Assistant Teacher (Job Vacancy)

The Polymath School - Bhiwandi


2 Years Min.

Not Disclosed



Immediate Joining

3 Vacancies

22 Applicants

Job Description

About Us:
The Polymath School is Mumbai's first K-12 Project-Based-Learning (PBL) School. 
In projects that typically last 3-4 months, we integrate rich content, 21st-century skills and human values in the context of a real-life problem or a challenge. The interdisciplinary nature of projects, along with the real-life context, makes learning come alive for students and educators. Teachers as Scholars The notion of educators working as scholars is alien to most schools. 

Responsibilities: The Polymath School is looking for an energetic and motivated assistant educator to support the main class educator. Responsibilities include: 

● Supporting main class educator to conduct differentiated classes 

● Follow regular educator’s lesson plans in a way that ensures consistency and optimal learning, and that encourages students to participate 

● Developing strong one-to-one relations with students 

● Maintaining a well-managed classroom and positive learning environment 

● Preparation of materials and setting up of play areas 

● Helping students take charge of their own learning 

● Maintaining observational records of every student progress for report card 

● Modifying teaching styles to fit the learning styles of various students 

● Substituting classes as per requirements 

● Assign classwork and homework as necessary, according to lesson plans 

● Attend parent-teacher meetings 

● Attending professional development sessions such as training, classroom observations, feedback conversations, etc 

● Implementing feedback in a timely and appropriate manner 

● Attend in-school and outdoors trainings and team outings (visit to other schools, field trips, overnight camps, etc) for educational and team building purposes Additional responsibilities include: 

● Supervising students out of class, such as in the hallways 

● Developing strong one-to-one relations with students and parents 

● Documenting all work & support in creation of charts 

● Participating in parent outreach / marketing initiatives 

● Admissions counseling Prerequisites 

● Prior Experience of a minimum 2 years of teaching in a school setting is required. 

● Excellent oral & written English 

● Love for learning and research 

● Flexible, friendly and good at establishing quick rapport with students ● Ability to work in teams 

● Humility 

● Carry your own laptop 
CTC Salary: Rs. 10,000 - 17,000 /- per month 

Selection Process: 

1. Bio-sketch 

2. Telephonic or video call interview 

3. A written bio-sketch, questionnaire & IQ-test 

4. Classroom demo (1-2 classroom demos) 

5. Structured interview 

6. Reference Checks - Submission & Verification of Documents 

7. Job Offer Joining Date Immediate 

Apply Only If: - 1. Willing to commit at least one year to the School. 
2. You stay in or close to Bhiwandi. 

Skills Required

Class Managment
Communication Skills
Creative Thinking
Effective Teaching
High Patience Level

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