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Joint Research Assistant – Centre for Healthcare (CFH) and Karma Primary Healthcare in Udaipur (Job Vacancy)

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur


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25 Applicants|Posted 27 Day(s) ago

Job Description

Introducing the RA opportunity in the intersection of healthcare and marketing Centre for Healthcare is a research-led centre that was conceptualized in the early 2020 to fill the gap of rigorous healthcare research in India on Indian context from the management lens. Its objective is to bring together academicians from management, public health, practitioners, and research active medical professionals to understand and solve fundamental issues in healthcare in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). After the centre came into existence in April 2021, it has been actively involved in research and has regularly hired full time RAs. Karma Primary Healthcare is an impact-driven, award-winning social enterprise, working towards providing equitable access to quality primary healthcare through telemedicine services in rural and peri-urban parts of six states of India. Over years, it has built a comprehensive primary healthcare delivery solution including a full spectrum technology suite to transform healthcare delivery. We are looking for an RA who will work jointly with CFH and Karma Healthcare. The role will expose you to the working of both, a leading academic institution as well as a for-profit social venture taking specialist services to the doorsteps of rural India. This will help you learn academic research as well as understand the grassroots context of healthcare for the underserved populations, before diving into the research. Benefits IIMU is a research-intensive institution. The benefits of being an RA in this role are: • Get a first-hand research experience before embarking on the PhD journey. • Explore your interests – get a better understanding of the space you want to be in. • A chance to attend regular workshops where research papers are presented and discussed. • Attend PhD level coursework offered in the institute. • Hand-on experience of working with the rural communities. • Encouragement to initiate your own research. • Get individualized guidance on building profile and developing individual ideas towards research papers (strengthens the Ph.D. applications). • Recommendation letters as well as guidance on the application process to top PhD programs in marketing. RAs from the IIM Udaipur have gone on to join Ph.D. programs at Kellogg, Maryland, Georgia, UT Austin, Texas A&M, Ivey, Pittsburgh, London School of Economics, Iowa, Warwick, ESSEC, among others. The program offers you a fostering environment that propels you towards an excellent journey in academia. Best Match You should consider yourself a good fit for this position if you are seriously considering pursuing a Ph.D. and want to get some experience to see if a research career is meant for you and also to improve your understanding and profile for the Ph.D. applications. You will assist faculty projects that cut across marketing and healthcare. The skills you develop will help you in applying to top-ranked doctoral programs in marketing. Responsibilities This is a position in an academic cum field setting. The responsibilities include: • Data collection, data preparation, and data analysis - working on primary/secondary data using qualitative/ quantitative methods. • Conducting in-depth interviews and FGDs. • Literature search, summary, presentation, and writing. • Writing research proposal and conducting research. • Other research-related work. Qualification Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from any of the top-tier colleges in the country/ abroad with an understanding of research and interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in marketing. Skills Required • An open mind to learning new concepts, creativity and hard work. • Good English writing skills. • Good knowledge of Hindi. Desirable • Understanding of the Healthcare space. • Good understanding of research processes. • Data handling and analysis skills (e.g. SQL querying, R, STATA). The candidate must have high standards in terms of quality of work, attention to detail, ability to multi-task and absolute commitment to task completion. Candidate must have high levels of motivation for learning and preparing for a cutting-edge academic career and must be self-driven. Location: Udaipur (IIMU Campus). Work from home is not an option. Recruitment process and other relevant information This would be a contractual engagement for a period of 12 months. It would be renewed for a further period of 12 months (if performance is deemed satisfactory), enabling the candidate to build their profile for PhD applications. Candidates are expected to move on into a PhD at the end of two years. Interested candidates can apply online by following the instructions given below. The position will remain open and will accept applications till a suitable candidate is found. • Please upload latest CV. • Please also upload a statement of purpose not exceeding 1 page in length (single-spaced) on your motivation for taking up the RA position. Please cover the following points in your statement of purpose- • Why are you motivated to take up the RA role? • What are your career plans? • How does the RA role fit into your career plans? • Why you think you will be a good RA? We will contact you within 2 weeks of your submission of application in case we decide to interview you. In case you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of your submission of application, you have not been shortlisted for this position. Apply Now

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