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Lead Teacher - Navi Mumbai in Navi Mumbai (Job Vacancy)

iTeach Schools

Navi Mumbai

Mid-Senior level

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1 Vacancies

200 Applicants|Posted 19 Day(s) ago

Job Description

Overview of our Pune Schools:

iTeach Schools runs free and high-impact secondary schools and a college-to-career program for the most disadvantaged students of Pune and PCMC. Like many Indian cities, both of these public education systems only go up to Grade VII, leading to the poorest students being unable to finish their schooling. In 2023, with a staff of 250 members across nine schools, we will serve 2800 students and 2000+ alumni - giving students a fighting chance at college, career, and citizenship. We aim to grow to 30 schools and 10,000 students over the next five years.

Take a peek into our world by clicking here.

Our journey in Navi Mumbai:

iTeach Schools is now in NAVI MUMBAI!

We are now expanding to Navi Mumbai and are looking for teachers to embark on a journey of transforming Navi Mumbai schools from good to great.

Role Summary

The Lead Teacher role has three key responsibilities areas - teaching, coaching teachers, and project management (see this in a 3 min video here). These responsibilities cumulatively imply co-leading the school with your Principal, which makes the Lead Teacher role an ideal stepping stone to School Leadership! We are looking for committed educators who want to continue building excellence in their classrooms and parallelly start their journey as teacher-coaches with four to five teachers.


l. Teaching one subject to one grade (25% focus)

  • Set the vision of excellence for pedagogy in your school and the entire network by teaching one grade and one subject at sheer inspiring excellence.
  • Develop and execute exemplary unit plans, which employ advanced pedagogical approaches.
  • Innovate lesson designs, execution strategies, and data analysis approaches toward inspiring and informing the broader ecosystem of schools.

ll. Coaching & Managing a team of teachers (50% focus)

  • Lead a group of four to five teachers (performance management, coaching, career guidance).
  • Set ambitious goals with your teachers, create individual growth plans and coach them toward life-changing outcomes for students (iTeach employs a hands-on coaching model with about two hours per teacher per week of coaching)
  • Co-create the overall school culture and strategy with your School Principal

lll. Project Management (25% focus)

  • Design and execute various projects for the school’s program (these could be for holistic development of students, initiatives for parent and community involvement, or for innovation in school practices).
  • Measure outcomes and work on refining the design and implementation year on year.
  • Document the project plans to enable other schools to replicate them.

Experience and Education Requirements

  • Exceptional performance as a teacher for 2-3 years
  • Overall work experience of 3+ years
  • A strong contributor to the school outside the classroom as well
  • Ability to lead a part of a larger team and deliver strong results
  • Preferred: Experience in coaching and development of teachers

Location : Pune and Mumbai.

Salary : Salary is decided based on the candidate's education and work experience. Our usual compensation for this role lies between 6 Lac -7.5 Lac per Annum. We also take pride in providing the best of industry benefits such as PF, Gratuity, Medical Insurance etc.

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