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Learning Center Ops, Admissions & Academics in Hyderabad (Job Vacancy)

The Mindful Learning Sapce

Hyderabad (Kondapur)

2 Years Min.

4.8 LPA Max.



Immediate Joining

1 Vacancies

3 Applicants

Job Description

Overview: As a Business Operations and Development Executive at The Mindful Learning Space, you will be a vital part of both the day-to-day operations and the strategic growth initiatives of our organization. This opportunity offers a unique blend of operational management, Academics, and Admissions, providing a comprehensive view of how a dynamic educational company operates and expands.

Description: In this role, you will ensure operational efficiency, manage important relationships, and manage  various projects and events. Your contribution will help streamline our processes, enhance our services, and foster growth.

Key Functions:

  • Operational Efficiency:
    • Oversee and enhance the day-to-day operational aspects of the company, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning.
  • Vendor and Customer Relations:
    • Manage interactions with vendors and customers, maintaining high standards of service and fostering strong, positive relationships.
  • Academic Operations, Admissions, & Enrollments
    • Be involved in class scheduling, capacity planning,  formation of batches, manage enrollments & so on.
    • Manage assignment of teachers to classes, & other project & process management tasks.
    • Responsible for  counseling  walk-in parents & field marketing events such as campaigns & workshops & conversion of foot traffic/field leads to enrollments.
  • Teaching & Content
    • Support teaching and content development efforts when needed.
    • Must have good understanding of the academic and new age courses we offer, library and other services provided at the center to counsel parents and generate enrollments.
  • Event and Campaign Coordination:
    • Take a leading role in organizing events & campaigns, handling scheduling, budgeting, & execution to ensure success.
    • Manage the scheduling of appointments, workshops, & engagements crucial for business growth and partnerships.
  • Strategic Outreach:
    • Conduct outreach to potential partners and clients, expanding our business network and identifying new opportunities. Organize and coordinate workshops, contributing to both educational goals and business development.
  • Digital Engagement:
    • Engage with digital projects and initiatives to enhance our online presence and interact effectively with our audience.
    • Social media and communication - you will be responsible for posting content and maintaining our social media channels such as youtube, FB, discord, Instagram and such.

As a Business Operations and Development Executive, your role is integral to maintaining our operational standards while also pushing the boundaries of our business reach. You will gain invaluable experience in a wide array of tasks and responsibilities, setting you up for future success in both operations management, business development, teaching, education, and project management.

Your skills, dedication, and innovative spirit will contribute to the smooth running of our operations and the overall success of our initiatives. We look forward to your application and the unique contributions you will bring to our team.

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