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Officer - Delhi School of Specialised Excellence in Delhi (Job Vacancy)

Lend A Hand India


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25 Applicants|Posted 17 Day(s) ago

Job Description

Position Overview: Join us at the forefront of an educational revolution as part of the Delhi government's "School of Specialized Excellence" (SoSE) initiative in partnership with Lend A Hand India, a recognized collaborator in this transformative endeavour. This pioneering program is setting new benchmarks in school education by focusing on "High-End 21st Century Skills" across five unique types of specialized schools. Targeting students in Grades 9 to 12, these institutions allocate nearly 40% of their curriculum to skill-based and applied learning, all under the innovative Delhi Board of School Education. Discover more about this initiative at SoSE Initiative Details (Click on Link) Principal Responsibilities: Join a visionary team tasked with realising the Specialized High-End 21st Century Skills Schools, a key initiative by the Government of Delhi in collaboration with Lend A Hand India. Actively contribute to and shape this innovative educational model's strategic and operational blueprint. Key Responsibilities: • Lead the development and execution of the project's roadmap, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and benchmarks. • Oversee comprehensive project management from inception to completion, ensuring timely progress and successful outcomes. • Implement robust project management frameworks and best practices to guide and monitor all project activities. • Forge and maintain strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including government bodies, educational entities, industry leaders, and academic institutions, leveraging Lend A Hand India's established networks and expertise. • Administer the schools' academic and operational cycles, including curriculum planning, content delivery, personnel recruitment, and professional development. • Conduct frequent field visits to assess and enhance the practical implementation of the program, utilizing data to inform and refine strategies. • Undertake research and generate insights to improve the initiative's impact and reach continuously. • Coordinate and refine internship programs for students in their final years, facilitating valuable industry experiences. Growth Opportunities: • Be part of a significant growth journey where your contributions drive educational innovation and policy engagement in close collaboration with the government and Lend A Hand India. Gain unique exposure to policy development and execution, enriching your professional experience and expertise. • ​Pursue advancement opportunities, including leadership roles, strategic expansions, or pioneering new educational products and services. Requirements • With 2-3 years of meaningful work experience(Beyond Fellowships), you should be entrepreneurial, self-driven, and ready to assume comprehensive project responsibilities. • Exhibit a passion for learning, innovation, and the drive to navigate beyond conventional career paths. • Maintain a resilient and positive outlook, prepared to tackle and surmount significant challenges. • Demonstrate exceptional communication and storytelling abilities, which are crucial for engaging and aligning a diverse array of stakeholders. • Focus on impactful achievements over personal accolades, resonating with Lend A Hand India's culture of humility and excellence. • Showcase a strong track record of transforming concepts into real-world successes, evidencing expertise in strategic planning, execution, and continuous improvement. Additional Qualifications: • Prior experience in start-up environments or government collaborations is advantageous, especially within the development or educational sectors. • Engagement in on-the-ground fellowships or similar initiatives will be viewed favourably.

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