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Operations Head for College/University in Ahmedabad (Job Vacancy)

Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad


20 Years Min.

37.5 LPA Max.



Joining in 30 days

1 Vacancies

1 Applicants

Job Description

Support the development and implementation of IIMA's external and internal
communications strategies.
Contribute expertise in media and online engagement as well as global outreach of
IIMA’s overall strategic planning.
Increase visibility about the Institute’s academic, research and outreach activities
through channels such as media, website, social handles etc.
Design and implement comprehensive branding strategy for IIMA in consultation with
stakeholders and experts.
Communications would involve three main activities:
1. External Public Relations
Build relationships and contacts with relevant print, broadcast, and online
journalists in India and abroad.
Update, refresh, and maintain the external web presence of IIMA
Use multiple media formats (print, television, electronic and social) to
communicate in a consistent and integrated manner.
Develop newsletters, brochures and reports.
Create new and innovative communication channels, such as podcasts, video
blogs, and social media campaigns.
 Coordinate and support event management of public outreach and education
events, including lectures, workshops and conferences.
As needed, organize press conferences, media interviews, media visits, and
briefings, communicate with media
Respond to press or public inquiries, or ensure that the appropriate person(s)
Arrange media interviews for IIMA faculty and administration and support them
with briefing notes and other information, as required.
Review IIMA’s research regularly to identify potential news stories, and
undertake proactive media engagement, including disseminating press releases
Offer support and training to IIMA professionals in media skills and media
Create and maintain the IIMA style, which will be used in all communications,
including articles, briefing papers, correspondence, websites, and so on.
Enhance communication by improving processes and implementing best practices.
2. Internal Communication
Update IIMA community, including faculty, staff, associates, and residents with
Institute’s news and activities.
Use multiple channels including newsletters, lectures, intranet, social media,
workshops, and events for communication.
Develop, maintain, and upgrade an intranet platform for the IIMA community in
collaboration with the IT group.
3. Administrative Functions
Recruit, train, motivate, and manage staff to assist with the aforementioned
Create and manage administrative processes for carrying out responsibilities and
tracking performance.
Collaborate with Institute’s senior members -Deans, CAO, faculty, Executive
Education, IT, administrative functionaries, and all stakeholders-to ensure quality
and consistency in communication
Person specifications:
Graduate/Post-graduate degree in any field.
At least twenty years' experience in communications (preferably with a Management
Exceptional written communication skills, as well as the ability to adapt style to
different communication channels and audiences.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team, and willingness to 'pitch in' as
Demonstrable experience of communicating complex and nuanced issues to the
Basic understanding of, and willingness to learn about, new technological
developments related to information dissemination.


Skills Required

Administration Management
External Relations
Internal External Communications

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