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PGT Geography Teacher for CBSE School (Job Vacancy)

Renowned School in Maldah


2 Years Min.

3.4 LPA Max.



Joining in 60 days

1 Vacancies

5 Applicants

Job Description

We are seeking a highly qualified and experienced PGT Geography Teacher to join our team at our CBSE School. As a PGT Geography Teacher, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality instruction to students in grades 11 to12, helping them develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the subject.


  • Plan, prepare, and deliver engaging and effective lessons that align with the CBSE curriculum and educational standards.
  • Create a positive and inclusive learning environment that promotes active student participation and fosters a love for geography.
  • Utilize a variety of teaching methods and resources to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.
  • Assess and evaluate student progress through regular assignments, tests, and examinations.
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to students to support their growth and development.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop and implement interdisciplinary projects and activities.
  • Participate in staff meetings, professional development sessions, and school events as required.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of student attendance, grades, and performance.
  • Communicate regularly with parents/guardians to discuss student progress and address any concerns.


  • Master's degree in Geography or a related field along with B Ed. qualifications.
  • Valid teaching certification or license.
  • Proven experience teaching Geography to high school students.
  • Thorough knowledge of the CBSE curriculum and educational standards.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management abilities.
  • Passion for teaching and a commitment to student success.
  • Ability to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.
  • Flexibility to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Relocation accepted 

If you are a dedicated and passionate Geography Teacher with a desire to make a positive impact on students' lives, we encourage you to apply for this position. Join our team and contribute to the academic excellence of our CBSE School!

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