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School Principal in Patna (Job Vacancy)

Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools


Mid-Senior level

Not Disclosed


1 Vacancies

95 Applicants|Posted 19 Day(s) ago

Job Description

About the role :
The School Principal is responsible for providing leadership, direction, and oversight to ensure the effective operation and success of the school. This role involves managing faculty and staff, maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment, fostering academic excellence, and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve educational goals.

Job responsibilities :

  1. Academic Leadership:
  • Set a clear vision for the school's educational objectives and academic standards.
  • Develop and implement educational programs that align with curriculum guidelines and promote student achievement.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement in teaching and learning.
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion amongst students.
  • Through direct and indirect contact with students, establish the nature of the School Community – its ambitions, norms, values and behaviors.
  • Work with teachers and curriculum specialists to develop, review, and improve the school's curriculum.
  • Implement assessment strategies to measure student progress and adjust teaching methods accordingly.
  1. People Leadership:
  • Promote a safe, inclusive, and respectful school environment for all students.
  • Implement and enforce discipline policies and procedures as needed.
  • Monitor and support students' academic and social development.
  • Liaison with Grade 4 staff as per functioning requirement
  • Line manages the Senior Leadership Team members and delegates any of the Principal’s responsibilities as appropriate
  1. Community & Symbolic leadership:
  • Build positive relationships with parents, guardians, and the local community.
  • Collaborate with parents and the community to enhance the school's educational programs and extracurricular activities
  • Supporting community based initiatives undertaken by government and non-government organizations for building a culture of conscious citizenship amongst teachers and students.
  • Issue based community linkage programs to be initiated.
  • Support and guidance for ensuring inclusivity within school and across the Community.
  • Build on a culture of inclusion and diversity acceptance within school and community at large by following no discrimination policy.
  • Build on open, honest and productive relationships which characterize those between School leaders and stakeholders to ensure good governance in a climate of constructive critique.
  • Actively engage teams in building the School ethos and promoting good relationships throughout the community.
  • The principal will demonstrate the capacity to model important values and behaviors to the school and community, including a commitment to creating and sustaining effective professional learning communities within the school, and across all levels of the system.
  • Enhance the strong reputation of the School and promote the role it plays in young People's lives and the educational landscape.
  1. Business leadership:
  • Principal will optimize the school’s financial, human and physical resources through sound management practices and organizational systems that contribute to the achievement of the school’s vision and goals.
  • Principal shall strive to achieve strong financial health for the School by ensuring enrollment and retention are optimized.
  • Principal will work towards ensuring compliance as per affiliated board (CBSE/ICSE) guidelines.
  • Manage the Management’s performance within the constraints of the agreed budget and focus on sound financial management; knowing what to prioritize, how to build contingencies and seek opportunities for increasing revenue and reducing costs.
  • Prepare an annual budget and three-year financial forecast for approval by the Management, which reflects the proper allocation of the funding secured. Monitor yearly final accounts for filing and returns for approval by the Management and submission to the appropriate authority, annually and on time.
  • Ensure that regular management accounts of income & expenditure and cash flow are maintained and scrutinized by appropriate senior staff, and presented to the Management at regular governance meetings.
  • Optimize the value from capital expenditure budgets where major construction is involved whilst maintaining control over outgoings.
  • Ensure the School’s Policy for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and associated procedures are in place and implemented.
  1. Cultural leadership- Internal culture of the school:
  • Constantly monitor the many and varied external factors – such as events, plans, calendars and policy upgrades -which impact the operations and document the same accordingly.
  • Ensure staff receive constructive performance management and continuing professional development opportunities to suit their needs and aspirations.
  • Be responsible for disciplinary matters with staff, up to and including dismissal if necessary.
  • Deploy a range of leadership strategies and styles as required to enable improvements and the management of change.
  • Identify and nurture potential candidates for future promotion to senior management positions, and succession-plan for senior management positions.
  • Supervise and evaluate school staff, including teachers, administrative personnel, and support staff.
  • Manage the budget and resources effectively to support the school's educational goals.

Requirements & Skills :

  • Master's degree in Education or a related field (Ph.D. preferred).
  • State Principal Certification or relevant administrative certification.
  • Several years of experience in teaching and educational administration, including previous roles as a Vice Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of current educational trends, technology, and best practices.
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

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