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TGT Social Science Teacher for Maharashtra Board School (Job Vacancy)

St. Mary's High School Mumbai


4 Years Min.

Not Disclosed



Joining in 90 days

2 Vacancies

16 Applicants

Job Description

We are hiring for a "Secondary Social Science Teacher" at St. Mary's High School, Kalyan

Location : St. Mary's High School,Gopal Chowk, Pune Link Road, Chakkinaka, Kalyan East, Maharashtra 421306.

Experience : 2+ years Salary : Negotiable Skill : Fluent English

We expect our Teachers to not just teach subjects but integrate their subjects with values based on the Chinmaya Vision Program.

Job Description:

· Inculcate humane values of life that form part of our cultural heritage, Students wellbeing.

· Maintenance of classroom discipline & class attendance register.

· Maintain attendance and other record of the students. It should submit to supervising authority on a specified interval and get checked and signed.

· As a facilitator - Plan, implement & execute learning activities as per curriculum.

· Present with students during assembly, mass drill & sports & accompany them to the classroom.

· Care for the physical and emotional well-being of the students.

· Mentoring to the students to encourage learning.

· Encourage students in active, hands-on & creative problem-based learning.

· Daily correction of class work & home work.

· Work collaboratively with other professionals and staff.

· Teacher should align herself/ himself with vision and mission of the school.

· Monitor and evaluate pupil’s progress.

· Interaction with the students with the identified needs.

· Interaction with the parent & communicating observations to parents of pupil about performance, behavior & other identified areas.

· Maintain confidentiality of record of each pupil.

· Equal treatment and an opportunity to all the students without bias attitude & favouritism

· Ensuring the health, safety and well being of the Students.

· Nurture self- esteem of the students.

· Complete the syllabus in a stipulated time.

· Fill logbook [ Pedagogy] on daily basis.



Skills Required


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