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UI/UX & Graphics Design Trainer in Surat (Job Vacancy)

Red & White Multimedia Education Official


Entry level

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25 Applicants|Posted 27 Day(s) ago

Job Description

Red & White Multimedia Education is #Hiring Faculty/Trainer for #UI/UX & Graphics Design About Us: “ Red & White Education Pvt Ltd, established in 2008, stands as Gujara’s foremost educational institute recognized for its commitment to excellence. Our accreditation by NSDC and ISO underscores our dedication to quality education. Rooted in core values of Integrity, Student-Centricity, Innovation, and Unity. We aim to equip every student with industry-relevant skills and knowledge. Through our innovative teaching methodologies. We ensure that our students are well-prepared and employable in the global arena. Join us to embark on a journey toward a successful and fulfilling career.” Job Description: Faculties play a crucial role in educational institutions, guiding students through their academic journey, imparting knowledge, and fostering an environment of learning. They are responsible for creating and delivering course materials, conducting lectures, assessing student performance, and providing mentorship and support. The ideal candidate should excel in communication and be dedicated to assisting students in their educational journey. Key Responsibilities: A. Content Delivery & Upgradation ● Educating: Deliver engaging and effective lectures, conduct discussions, and facilitateinteractive learning experiences for students. ● Academic Quality Assurance: Make sure every student becomes industry-ready by providing high-quality education to the students facilitating them to better placement. ● Course Upgradation: Suggest the Branch manager to upgrade/add newly implemented industry oriented topics in material for lectures & assignments. ● Self Skills Enhancement : Engaging in ongoing professional development to remain informed about emerging technologies and industry trends through participation in Training of Trainer (ToT) programs or self-enrollment in various online courses with certification. B. Evaluation & Management ● Student Assessment: Evaluate student performance through projects, exams, viva, and assignments. Provide constructive feedback to aid in student development. ● In-Class Management: Maintain a positive and inclusive classroom environment, ensuring discipline and adherence to institution policies. ● Collaboration & Team Building: Collaborate with colleagues, attend faculty meetings, and actively participate in academic activities and institutional initiatives. ● Placement Management : Prepare students for placement activities by conducting mock interviews and providing motivation to help them excel in company interviews. ● Student Regularity Management : Maintain students' motivation to attend classes regularly, discouraging any absenteeism by In-class guidance or Post- class calling, and advise them to formally request revisions upon their return from pre-approved leave. ● Parent-Teacher Connect : Regularly share reviews with parents by conducting PTMs, presenting genuine performance without filters to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies. C. Reports & SOP Adherence ● Compliance: Adhere to institutional policies, academic standards, and codes of conduct. Ensure fair and unbiased evaluation and grading. ● Reporting Management: Maintain the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system accurately & enter relevant data; update & submit periodic Reports and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Education and Work Experience Requirements: ● Bachelors/Master’s in Computer Application /Information Technology/Designing Diploma or Any relevant Degree. ● Small duration courses /digital courses related to the field would be an added advantage. ● Must have 6 months to 2 years of experience as a Faculty or Trainer from IT background. Additional Requirements: ● Proficient in both verbal and written communication, with the capability to effectively interact with fellow faculty members, management personnel, and students' parents. ● Strong problem-solving, managerial, and leadership skills in guiding students. ● Demonstrated decision-making prowess. ● Adept at motivating and inspiring students. ● Exceptional computer proficiency in relevant technical skills. ● While conducting lectures, maintains a positive demeanor and delivers exemplary service. ● Capable of working independently, completing assignments within specified instructions, prescribed routines, and accepted standard practices. Why Red & White Multimedia Education Pvt. Ltd.? ● Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses ● Opportunities for career growth and professional development. ● Collaborative and inclusive work environment. ● Work with a diverse portfolio of people from various domains Salary range: 2.5 LPA to 4.8 LPA

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