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TGT Mathematics Teacher for CBSE School

Bhadra (Rajasthan)
3.6 LPA Max.
Immediate Joining
1 Vacancy
We are seeking a qualified and experienced Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) for Mathematics to join our dynamic faculty at [School Name]. The ideal candidate will be passionate about teaching, possess s ...
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54 Applicants


Posted 12 Day(s) ago

PGT Physical Education Teacher for CBSE School

1 Year Min.
3 LPA Max.
Immediate Joining
1 Vacancy
We are looking for an experienced and passionate Physical Education Teacher to join our CBSE School. The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching physical education to students in grades ...

11 Applicants


Posted 20 Day(s) ago

PGT Political Science Teacher for CBSE School

Not Disclosed
Immediate Joining
1 Vacancy
We are looking for an experienced and passionate PGT Political Science Teacher to join our CBSE School. The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching Political Science to students in grade ...

11 Applicants


Posted 20 Day(s) ago

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Supervisor for College/University

2 Years Min.
30 LPA Max.
Class 10th
Joining in 30 days
2 Vacancies
Cytology Supervisor
We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Cytology Supervisor to join our team as a Supervisor for our College/University. As a Cytology Supervisor, you will be responsible for overseeing and ma ...

24 Applicants


Posted 20 Day(s) ago

Lower Secondary English Teacher for Karnataka Board School

1 Year Min.
3 LPA Max.
Joining in 15 days
6 Vacancies
Required teachers for all Subjects for high school  ...

0 Applicant


Posted 20 Day(s) ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skills Required In Teaching/ Faculty/ Professor Jobs

Teaching is a career that gives you the chance to influence the future by regularly interacting with sharp, young minds. The work of a teacher is extremely demanding, and effective performance of the job requires a variety of talents. By being aware of the characteristics and skills necessary for a qualified teacher, you can more effectively prepare for this vocation. You need a mix of both hard and soft talents to succeed as a teacher. A teacher should primarily be an authority on the subject and serve as a moral example for his students. The abilities listed below are necessary for every teacher-

  • A desire to learn
  • Ensure curiosity
  • Innovation Critical Thinking
  • Dispute resolution
  • Target setting
  • Leadership Talent
  • Organizing Techniques
  • Patience
  • Skills in Interaction
  • Career direction
  • Working together
  • Transparency
  • Detail-orientedness
  • Flexibility

You can begin looking for teaching jobs once you have earned your teaching certification and completed your degree. When you get to this point, having a plan in place is beneficial. You can identify the teaching jobs you're most likely to love while effectively showcasing your skills with the aid of a plan.

The best way to do this is by registering yourself at Jobs In Education portal. Jobs In Education is an all-in-one resource for teaching jobs as well as non-teaching job openings in:

  • Schools
  • Pre Schools
  • Colleges
  • College/Universities
  • Private Coaching
  • Vocational Institutes
  • Edtech
  • Other educational institutions around India

Jobs in Education serves as a bridge to the best teaching and support employees. The platform gives both teaching employment and non-teaching jobs equal priority. You can apply for relevant jobs in the education industry close to you by selecting from thousands of available teacher job listings. To find jobs that fit your needs, focus your search on those that are part-time, full-time, remote, local, pay, and role. You can speed up your search for a variety of Teaching and Non-Teaching Jobs in your selected places by using Jobs in Education, India's leading job portal.

India is home to several teaching jobs. Any teacher job opening in India can be found online, through advertisements, or through connections. However, it's crucial to use a trustworthy source to find your ideal employment based on your preferences and profile. The greatest way to find teaching jobs in India is through Jobs in Education. Jobs in Education makes it simple to find the most recent opportunities for teaching and non-teaching job seekers from reputable organizations.

Applying with Jobs In Education will protect you against fake job postings for any job. You can make various job preferences and receive relevant job recommendations based on the preferences created. You can also use free resume creation services, set free job alerts, and receive notifications when matched opportunities are posted.

From among the thousands of jobs advertised on JIE, you can also conduct a relevant job search. Following your application, you can access the JIE site to view all upcoming interviews, tests, and evaluations as well as receive offer letters directly from the businesses. Fill out the application on the Jobs In Education app after downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to increase your chances of getting employed.

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